Chuck Broerman for Clerk and Recorder

Nationally recognized as a leader in fair, transparent, acurrate and secure elections.

Uniquely Qualified


-El Paso County Clerk and Recorder 2015 to Present 

-Nationally Certified Elections/Registration Administrator from the Election Center with Academic Instruction from Auburn University

- State of Colorado Certificate in Election Administration 

-Past Central Regional Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association 

-Present Motor Vehicle Legislative Co-Chair for the Colorado County Clerks Association Previous experience 

-Chief Deputy of the Clerk and Recorder office

- Previous experience as Operations manager of the Clerk and Recorder office 

-Motor Vehicle counter technician 

-20 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering in the hi-tech sector 

-Selective Service Board Member


-Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration; Regis University, Denver, Colorado 

-Associate of Science degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering; Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio 

-Associate of Science degree in Electronics Technology; Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio


-Contact email: 


-Contact number 719-459-6065 

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About Chuck

Nationally Certified Election Official

Nationally Certified Election and Registration Administrator

State of Colorado Certifield Election Offical

25 years of private sector experience in management and logistics

Leader of an award winning organization

 National Secretary of State award

National Association of Counties Innovation Award winner

Election Center Freedom Award for Voter Engagement

Election Center ”Clearie” Award 

Two time winner of El Paso County’s Innovation Award

Best DVM office in the State

Short wait times

Only County DMV in the State open on Saturdays

Only County in the State to have a 24/7 self-service kiosk

Opened an office at Fort Carson to assistance the men and women in the service with their motor vehicle and driver’s license transactions.

Customer centric service-we hire happy staff

My Platform

Fair, transparent, accurate and secure elections

Award winning Election Department

Nationally recognized as a leader in efficient election administration and voter engagement.

Innovative Moter Vehicle Services

The best DMV operations in the State

Fast, customer centered service

 Saturday office hours

 24/7 self service kiosks

Smart phone app to renew vehicle registrations

About Chuck


Elected in 2014, Chuck Broerman continues a long El Paso County tradition of able and innovative men and women serving as Clerk and Recorder.

After joining the Clerk and Recorder staff as a Motor Vehicle technician, Chuck was promoted as the Operations Manager in November 2011.  During his tenure as Operations Manager, Chuck briefly served as the interim Motor Vehicle Manager in 2012.  As Chuck’s responsibilities grew, he became more experienced in the many diverse functions of the office, from the administration of elections, to motor vehicle, driver’s license and recording transactions.  Recognizing Chuck’s leadership, Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams appointed Chuck as the Chief Deputy in February 2013.

While Operations Manager and Chief Deputy, Chuck methodically handled complex issues and worked on the technical side to solutions.  He developed relationships with the State and other government entities to reach maximum efficiency and draws on his background in the private sector to manage a quick-paced office, with challenging opportunities.

Recognizing that elections is one of the most crucial duties of the Clerk’s Office, Chuck completed the national CERA program (Certified Elections/Registration Administrator).  In training courses and conferences, the program addresses each aspect of elections, ensuring a thorough knowledge of the complex election process.  Chuck received his CERA certification in 2014.  Chuck is a member of the Colorado County Clerks Association.  He also belongs to the National Association of County Recorders, Elections, and Clerks and the Property Records Industry Association.

Chuck has established goals and objectives for his tenure as Clerk and Recorder.  Some of those goals include fair, accurate and transparent elections and efficient, professional transactions with the least intrusion into people’s lives.  To accomplish those goals as Clerk and Recorder, Broerman is committed to bring what he has learned from his family and both the private and public sectors—a desire to do things correctly, efficiently, and focus on making the office work better for the citizens of the county.

Chuck (as he prefers to be called) began gaining a love for hard work and efficiency from his parents in the farming community of St. Henry, Ohio.  His father worked a variety of jobs—sometimes two at a time—to provide for the Broerman family, while his mother worked as a seamstress and raised Chuck and his four siblings.  Chuck is humbled by the memories of his parents’ sacrifice for their children.  He remembers as a child waiting by the side of the road to hand off an extra lunch pail to his father as he drove by on the way to his second job.  The strong work ethic instilled in Chuck by his parents served him well as he worked his way through college.

After receiving an Associate’s degree in Electronics Technology, Chuck went to work in the fast-paced and rapidly changing semiconductor field.  As an engineering technician, Chuck worked with highly sophisticated and expensive equipment.  Eventually, Chuck was promoted to a supervisory role where he oversaw many operational aspects for the companies for which he worked.  During his time in the semiconductor industry, Chuck worked for companies such as NCR, AT&T, Hyundai, Symbios Logic, and LSI.  Chuck continued to work on personal development during his time in the high-tech industry, earning an Associate’s degree in Electromechanical Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.   Each of those businesses and experiences heightened Chuck’s aptitude for working in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment. He also developed a strong respect for the customer and realized the importance of treating staff with dignity and respect.

His work also brought Chuck and his family to Colorado Springs in the late 1980’s.

After working for over 20 years in the high-tech industry, Chuck was appointed in 2001 as the South-Central Colorado Business Development Representative by Governor Bill Owens.  In that role, Chuck represented the Owens administration in matters pertaining to economic development and job creation for El Paso, Pueblo, Las Animas, and other counties.  As a Business Development Representative, Chuck saw how free market competition created a better product for consumers.

Chuck and his wife Vickie have four daughters, are devout Catholics and attend Corpus Christi Catholic Church.  In Chuck’s spare time he has coached all four daughters in both basketball and volleyball through various organizations.  Chuck and Vickie also are proud grandparents to three grandchildren.



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